I just finished my April 2018–April 2019 speaking tour! :)

April 11, 2018
New Haven, CT
"A Pattern Network" Lecture for Inspiring Yale 2018 Awards

May 15, 2018
New York, NY
Digital Materiality at The New School

May 26, 2018
New York, NY
Peer to Peer New York at the School for Poetic Computation

July 7, 2018
Brooklyn, NY
"Ode to Airplane Mode" Lecture for "Software for Artists Day" Series

September 8, 2018
Hamburg, Germany
Talking about the peer to peer web in the context of independent publishing at "Indiecon"

October 19, 2018
Stavanger, Norway
Artist Talk as part of "Mobilizing Citizenship" visiting artist workshop

November 14, 2018
New York, NY
Lecture in Fei Liu's graduate class at The New School

February 21, 2019
Valencia, CA
Lecture as part of Visiting Designer series at CalArts

April 4, 2019
Providence, RI
Lecture as part of Visiting Designer series at The Rhode Island School of Design