Here is a prototype of my office and I would love it if you did not show anyone

Issue #57C0005

With Sean Lockwood

  1. Good Morning Song

Thank you very much for the position
The company’s success is my mission
I know you will be glad in the end
The company has such beautiful land!

Mondays are the sleep-in day
whispered 10am max, no alarms!
Tuesdays are 6am
whispered three alarms: radar
Wednesdays are 7:30am
whispered two alarms: playtime
Thursdays are 8:10am
whispered one alarm: radar
Fridays are 6am
whispered three alarms: radar, radar, playtime

I’m glad to hear you had a vacation
Sounds wonderful, I love that nation
Hope you have a good morning, boss
Did you know that I love to floss?

I ran straight out of bed today
and all the way here
as I’m typing this song
I’m gasping for air
but it feels great
because I love mornings

I’m so happy you’re on the team
You certainly are our little sunbeam!
Let us know if there’s anything you need
Here at the HQ there are many things to read

dictated and composed by sunrise
dictated and composed by sunrise
dictated and composed by sunrise
dictated and composed by sunrise
dictated and composed by sunrise

  1. Tail whip at the tail end of an extended metaphor

hello room bug,
how’s things?
how’s every things.
I’m back from my voyage and I guess I’m glad to get back to work,
of course it won’t be the same anymore. I have a lot of hopes for this year;
any way, just wanted to say hello and hopefully hear back from you

  1. Questions in the Sky

I’ve come up with some questions
Do you have any suggestions?
Hope this isn’t too much!
From my desk

Do you want to see credentials? Do I have credentials?
Do I get anything in the end?
I hope it never ends.
How long does it take to warm up? zzz
Is anyone going to kill me if I mess up?
Is there a company word bank?
Do I have access to the locker room?
Is there a locker room?
Are others making fun of me behind my back?
Just kidding, I couldn’t care less!

Look at the sky
Consider it in your mind
Say it to yourself … sky
Close your eyes
Lay on the grass

You see the sky you really want to see
You have a favorite sky
Your sky may be different than my sky
and that’s okay

You can pick any word
to turn around
in your mind’s eye

  1. Summer Gong

Yesterday was a blur....
Took a trip to the ocean to clear my mind
Thought about you on the open seas
I felt your presence many pings away...
I briefly think I read something
from you or your peer(s)
about you speaking sometime soon?
I can’t find the e mail… maybe it was a text?
Please let me know.
Hope you are having a great voyage and you are flourishing… echoes
Best Room bug

Peers? You mean pirates?
I’ve been fighting them off this whole venture,
it’s like work while on vacation.
Anyway, avast!!
Until next time, At the helm


  1. Virtue Here

Do you know which side has the “Ding”
Ding dong!
Open up!
The ding is on the front passenger side.

  1. Punctual Correspondence

Thanks for the quick response…
I can tell you are an intern of tastes refined…
Quick and Willing to put yourself on the line...
Concerning the bag of grapes episode.

Thanks for the quick response…
Sorry for not sending you the right form soon enough…
If you don’t mind…
So about the grapes that I could not find…
There was a pile of crumbs next to a dry bone.
I will be forwarding a form I have filled out by chance in seven hours
Please let me know if my message was in errors

A paper trail, or some old weathered stepping stones?
x 10

Thanks for the quick joke...
Glad you managed to grab that one...
And reel it in
Thanks for keeping me informed, seriously!
And do send your life experiences.

  1. The fact that the company has a lot of people who are you

As the boss, I am happy to allow mosquitoes into the arcade
Could be fun to see our little hummingbird size up the mosquitoes
and play a ring around the rosie or whatever.

You can track your time,
whether it be in sand or a pile of stones,
whatever you want.
Then you present to me your time tokens and I give you money in return.
How much money do you want?

  1. New Room

Quiet office
Hummingbirds and insects flying sound
Tiny bodies, fascinating
Could it be quieter?
Green suede blanket on the floor
Green suede blanket on the floor
The quietest grass alive

I don’t know… the HQ is so big… there’s room under the stairs… then there’s my office that’s actually just a glass box… then there’s the pro-house… this is not my area of expertise, so I am pretty sure it’s yours! For each room I need a title… purpose of room… etc… huff huff!

Been thinking about figuring out what rooms these gloves should be used in, you know?

I’m going to soak up everything I can
Before I sweat it all out in a couple months
I’ll be waiting for your whistle!

Sometimes I fall out of my chair
I don’t know what I’m doing
whether it’s productive
whether it’s good-looking

  1. Under the Stairs

Yes, the little unused area beneath the stairs