Speaking in summer

This summer, I'll be speaking at a few things... exciting times! Feel free to come if you're in New York. Think the first two might be recorded...

May 15

"Digital Materiality Symposium"
at Parsons in New York

"In an increasingly homogenized interaction design landscape, how can we continue to craft unique digital experiences? As designers, how do we retain agency and ownership over a process which has become progressively atomized?"

(Recording to come)

May 26

"p2p New York"
at School for Poetic Computation

I spoke about blogging in motion on the peer to peer web!

(Recording online!)

July 7

"Software for Artists Day"
at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn

I'll speak about "Flight Simulator," a meditative travel app for iOS.


July 31–Aug 2

"Decentralized Web Summit"
at the Internet Archive in San Francisco

I'll give a workshop with Kyle Mock. More info to come...


September 7

"Indiecon 5"
in Hamburg, Germany

I'll talk about the distributed web in the context of independent publishing.