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Laurel Schwulst is a designer, writer, and webmaster living in New York.

She teaches at Yale, Princeton, Rutgers, and independently through Fruitful School, a collaborative web workshop. Recent courses taught include "Writing as Metadata," "Special Web Projects," and "Image."

She operates a design practice, Beautiful Company, which works with clients on utilizing the unique materiality of the web. Most recently, she designed Artists Space's new website, which through multiple entrances allows generous traversal through its growing, rich archive. A favorite ongoing collaboration is Left Gallery, an online gallery selling files in editions.

In 2019, she released Flight Simulator, a novel travel app for iOS and Android published by Soft Applications, LLC. It was manifested physically via exhibitions in Osaka, Seoul, and Den Haag. In 2015, she co-wrote a book of perfume reviews Perfume Area with Sydney Shen, presenting reflections on 36 contemporary fragrances, morning to night, published by Ambient Works.

Previously, she had full-time roles at The Creative Independent (Kickstarter's online publication) as its inaugural creative director and at Linked by Air (design and technology firm) as designer and front-end programmer.

If you would like to work on a strategic project together, please reach out to CSS, Inc., her consulting alliance, run together with Laura Coombs and Mindy Seu.

In 2020, I'm looking for new projects... but a new goal is weaving my website work with public space, public art, or physical landscape in some way. I'd love to work with municipalities or organizations who are interested in working between these domains.

I continuously find myself interested in ambient forms of design and literature, public works, and the poetic potential of the web.

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February 2020