[email protected] github.com/laurelschwulst June 2020 ... Laurel Schwulst


I’m an artist, designer, writer, programmer, and teacher. I'm interested in environments for learning and reflecting.

Some of my favorite projects I’ve worked on include: Flight Simulator, an “ode to airplane mode” — a novel travel app for iOS and Android; Perfume Area, a book of poetic, lyrical perfume reviews; Artists Space’s website, which through multiple entrances allows generous traversal through its rich archive and also features exposed alt-text; left gallery, an online gallery selling files in editions; and most recently Fruitful School, a website workshop for people with idea seeds whose soil is equally code and culture. I’ve also taught design courses at Yale, Princeton, Rutgers, and California College of the Arts and was previously creative director of Kickstarter’s The Creative Independent and designer and front-end developer at Linked by Air.

I’m a 5-foot-4-inch slightly wavy brown-haired white person with hazel eyes. I’m in my early 30s, and typically people think I look younger, and sometimes I’m mistaken for a student and other times people tell me I have a nice smile. I’m currently writing from my kitchen table at home, where it’s early afternoon and I’m wearing a bright yellow t-shirt, gray sweatpants, and my favorite Mont-Bell “sock-on” house sandals. I’m listening to dreamy club music from the early 2000s and the sun is shining behind rainclouds through my window.

The above "self-description" was written for Shannon Finnegan and Bojana Coklyat's "Alt-Text as Poetry" project, which I've collaborated on with Taichi Aritomo. And special thanks to the other collaborators on the projects mentioned above: Aarati Akkapeddi, Mark Beasley, Dan Brewster, Laura Coombs, Elliott Cost, Min Guhong, John Provencher, Mindy Seu, Sydney Shen, and Harm van den Dorpel.


June 2020