Laurel Schwulst


Laurel Schwulst is an artist, designer, writer, educator, and technologist based in NYC. She is recognized for her experiential projects-as-worlds, her expanded writing practice, her creative direction leadership, her websites, her innovative learning materials and educational environments, and her ongoing collaborations. Her writing (published in venues including The New York Times, The Creative Independent, and Art in America) has taken the form of essays, perfume reviews, and interviews with other artists. For over a decade, she has taught award-winning design classes and workshops (at universities including Yale and Princeton), and has presented internationally at cultural, academic, and internet-native institutions (at venues including BBC Radio 4, RISD, University of Seoul, Google, and Wikipedia). Laurel currently lives in New York City, teaches design at Princeton, serves as director of the gift shop at (a platform for networked curation), and is working towards a “PBS of the Internet.”

May 2024





July 18, 2024 — Ultralight Publication Launch, NYC
November 10, 2024 — Workshop, Jeju

A portrait photo of me, Laurel Schwulst — I'm a human being with short brown hair seen in portrait silhoutte mode — the left side of my face smiles while looking outwards to the ocean, the sun glimmering behind me. The photograph was taken by Jason Fulford at 7am on 7.7.2021 at Plumb Beach, New York City.
Photo by Jason Fulford