Laurel Schwulst

year: 2017

Interactive Design
class (undergraduate & graduate)
Tania Pérez Córdova on celebrating not knowing
Conversation with Tania P. Córdova
Fake Newsroom
website for special project
T Space Rhinebeck
website for gallery
Qiong Li on being a human camera
Conversation with Qiong Li
Class Talk "A History of the Internet"
Beckman's College of Art & Design
Taeyoon Choi on drawing, teaching, disability ...
Conversation with Taeyoon Choi
Erin Jane Nelson on welcoming conflicting influences
Conversation with Erin Jane Nelson
Residency Talk "Flight Simulator"
Summer Forum
Tamara Shopsin on the importance of publicity for books
Conversation with Tamara Shopsin
Class Talk "Calm Technology"
The New School
Charles Broskoski on self-discovery upon ...
Conversation with C. Broskoski