Laurel Schwulst

year: 2020

Fruitful 1.0
Melanie Hoff on Code Socieites
Conversation with Melanie Hoff
Special Web Projects
class (graduate)
Ten Colors
essay about web color
Graphic Design: Image
class (undergraduate)
Ryan Kuo on Tables
Conversation with Ryan Kuo
Larissa Pham (healing)
Conversation with Larissa Pham
Omar Rizwan (gentle)
Conversation with Omar Rizwan
E. Rae Norton (porous)
Conversation with E. Rae Norton
Philip Guo (under construction)
Conversation with Philip Guo
Neta Bomani (transcendent) and Ritu Ghiya (still)
Conversation with Neta & Ritu
Talk for Visiting Designer Series "Circular Learning"
Virginia Commonwealth University
Internet Onion
workshop (graduate)
Designing for Decay
essay on subtractive design
Fruitful 2.0
Class Talk
Whitecliffe College
Room Tour
workshop (undergrad & graduate)
Talk for Visiting Designer Series "Room Tour"
University of Seoul
Class Talk "Room Tour"
Carnegie Mellon University
Panel & Talk "Entanglement"
Tour for Potluck